There is a few new things in the il bosco room now and it has really come together. I feel a sense of completeness. Although, if you live somewhere it is a project that will never be complete.

First of all I got a new throw pillow (of course). This one is from Typo and only set me back $25. Added bonus – its double sided! The design really fits to the woodland theme of this room.

I also got some new bedspreads. I got the grey pin tuck one off of eBay for $79.95. It’s by Phase 2 and is called ‘Renata’. You can get the same one from here. It was the cheapest one that you could get with this design and colour (that was still reasonable quality). I’m very happy with it. My only complaint would be that sometimes the doona slides around inside it and can get bunched up on one side.

I also got this minimalist geometric designed one from Target. It is reversible but I prefer the white side. It only cost me $25 and is still great quality! It’s called ‘Levi’.

I repainted my wall with the oil based paint and it worked fantastically!! I have drawn multiple things on it over the time. It can be used creatively or constructively with anything from little artworks to study quotes. I would highly recommend a black board wall to anyone because it is exceptionally functional! Here are some of the designs I have done:

I also found a place for my skeleton leaf lights. They look fantastic especially when all the lights are put on together!

As much as I loved the logs as bedside tables I found that I bought some big coats for winter and ran out of storage. Luckily for me a friend was throwing out their old bedside table. It has a wonderful shape. The logs still reside in il bosco though, one has become a handy ‘filing log’.


Here are some trinkets that I’ve added to the space to incorporate more of the woodland theme into my room. These lovely woodland creatures make my room feel really homey!

Speaking of woodland creatures, I have some new additions to the family! Introducing Caspar, Pudding, Shepherd’s Pie and Milo. Although they are not for interior design purposes, they are very cute!

That’s it from me for now;

Good luck with your own designs, and I hope to have inspired you!







Paint and Decorate

I finally repainted my blackboard wall! The company was nice enough to send me some new paint and brushes since the water based version didn’t work. The oil based paint worked much better and actually allows the chalk to rub off. I only needed one coat since the wall was already black. If your wall is another colour would recommend buying extra as the paint is very thick and the 1L tin did not have enough left for two coats whereas the water based did.

always use solid chalk instead of liquid chalk markers!!!

Now that my wall was painted I could finally dig out all the decorations that I have been storing for ages!!!

This includes flowers and fairy lights:


stag head:


and my painting:


All of this together is looking grand!!


Also, my boyfriend bought me these gorgeous pillows for my birthday! They are from Adairs and were about $60 each on sale.


There are still a few things I am not sure about. I have these amazing lights that are so delicate and beautiful but no idea where to put them!


They are really cool and you spritz them with water to make them unfurl like a flower. I bought them at a show but they can be found here. There are many colours and designs!

Also, I have been searching for ages for a light feather grey pleated/pin tuck doona cover. I have searched from the perfect but expensive West Elm to Target versions. This one by Target is very nice however I think the charcoal grey will be too dark against the black wall. I’m seriously considering this one, however am nervous to buy. If anyone has any suggestions that will ship to Australia it would be greatly appreciated, or if anyone has bought one a review would help too. Thanks!

2014 in review

Check out far I have come in 2014!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,900 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 32 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Action Painting DIY

Jackson Pollock was an artist who practiced ‘action painting’. I decided to do my own version of this as an artwork for my room. You can do one too and easily customize it to your space by changing the colour scheme or size of the painting. You can make the painting as simple or as complicated as you want and anyone can do it, you could even have it as a fun activity with the kids.

Free form by Jackson Pollock
Free form by Jackson Pollock

For this DIY you will need:

  • 500mL or more tube of white acrylic paint (I used Chromacryl ‘white’ in 2L bottle for $37.95)
  • small amount of black acrylic paint (I used Micador acrylic paint ‘black’ 60mL tube)
  • 2 or more acrylic paint colours of your own choice in 500mL quantities (I ended up not using one- Aquacryl student acrylic ‘light green’ 500mL bottle and Aquacryl student acrylic ‘forest green’ 500mL bottle. They were about $12 each)
  • disposable plastic bowls or plates
  • cheap paint brushes
  • a canvas ( I used a Mont Marte 340 studio cotton duck canvas with high density weave- size: 60.9 x 76.2cm [24 x 30″] cost me about $30- canvases are much cheaper on eBay than in store!!!)

When choosing the paint make sure you don’t choose poster paint as this is likely to crack.



easy to throw out because the clean up is not worth it
paint brushes are not required; you can use a stick or something else to flick paint if you want

1. To prepare the canvas follow the instructions on the back to stretch it. Turning the diagram to match the corner that you are working on is really helpful; as shown:


2. For the base coat I wanted a grey to match my room. mix black and white together but NOT FULLY, this is the key to a nice smokey background.

don’t mix it fully to achieve various tints and tones as you paint

3. Paint with ‘C’ shapes all over the canvas.

like this
try different directions to get a swirling background
it’s okay if they greys that you mix are different, this is where the swirls are helpful in blending

4. Let this colour settle in for a minute and then have a closer look for dry patches. Fill these in (once again the ‘C’ strokes ensure good blending)

These pesky small white dots appear as the paint soaks into the canvas

Don’t forget to paint the edges. I just went for a darker grey and kept it the same around the whole edge.


5. Start throwing paint! I recommend starting with straight colours and doing mutiple layers. This is where it’s really up to you. You could paint until there is no background in sight or settle for one big SPLAT! The painting is only finished once you feel it is. Try throwing paint from all different angles so that the artwork looks even, experiment with different ways of throwing paint such as adjusting height, speed and amount of paint. Focus a bit on the edges as all the paint seems to end up in the middle.


The trick is with only half mixing the paint
half mixed paint gives this amazing marble effect once it is thrown on the canvas
close up section

6. Remove the artwork from its outside dwelling to a really safe place where it can lie flat on the ground (so that the paint won’t run off) and dry for a few days. Newspaper underneath is a good idea, just in case.

thick layers of paint can take a few days to dry!

7. Clean up time! Wash out paint brushes straight away otherwise they will dry out and go stiff. You can just throw out the plastic bowls of paint. Throwing paint makes a lot of mess so in the beginning it should be done outside away from anything that cant be painted (i.e. decking wood, washing and pets) and be done in old clothes.

even with this huge sheet of bubble wrap it still got on the grass!
time for a shower!

 8. Hang your artwork up in your room and enjoy it! The thing that I love about these works it that every time you look at them you can see something new! They are an easy way to add a splash of colour to any room.

mine is still drying but I’m really excited to put it up!

A Lick of Paint

I chose the Taubman’s Endure colour ‘White Shaver’ which is a cool and light grey for my walls. Here’s the link, but remember it will look different on each monitor. I recommend getting a colour card at you local hardware store (Bunnings for me). I can’t seem to find the receipt but you can pick up a 4L can of it for about $70. This only JUST covered my walls. When I say this, I mean I was frantically rolling over the last bit of blue hoping and praying that it would cover it. I did two coats and didn’t use an undercoat, though if I did it again I would use an undercoat because it is a very light colour.

This is how it turned out:

photo 3
‘white shaver’
photo 1
oh no! Careful when using painters tape
turned out alright in the end 🙂

Also, as a feature wall I chose Handycan Water Based Acrylic Chalkboard Paint in ‘Black’. I bought this from Inspirations Paint in Penrith and it cost me $41 for the 1L tin.


Unfortunately the chalk I used (liquid chalk pens) did not rub off on this.


I would not recommend using this markers, only use chalk sticks. However when I contacted the company via email, they were very helpful and happily sent me a new can of paint (an oil based version which should work better) as well as two free paint brushes, no questions asked! Needless to say I was a very happy customer!

free paint brushes and a can of fresh paint to fix my mistakes with no dent in my budget. Yay!

I still got to see what the black looked like, and I love it!!! I’ll just have to get around to painting it again, then I can get working away at some chalk art!

before in blue


it looks so perfect!!


lucky I do have to paint it again, it’s an opportunity to fix up these scraggly edges


While we were at it we gave the fan a quick lick of white paint from the shed. It looks way better now, almost brand new!


I will paint the wall again sometime these school holidays hopefully. I want to wait for my Dad to come and help me because he is really good at the edges which is what I want to fix.

Logs as a Bedside Table

This is my current bedside table… cluttered, unsighlty, damaged and in the way of my under bed drawers. My solution to match the woodland theme, is logs as a beside table. Logs are pretty easy to come by you can just chainsaw some to your liking next camping trip or when you’re on the farm; or borrow some from your neighbours woodpile. Wherever you get them from, always check to termites and rotting wood as you do not want these in your home!! They will need to be cut quite small otherwise they will be very difficult to move. The great thing about logs is that they are all unique and very beautiful.


Once you have your log/s, you should remove any loose bark as this is where pests and dirt can hide. Underneath mine was a cool pattern!


Next you will want to wash you logs. I just used some warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush. You can also use surface cleaning spray at the end to finish it off.


I would HIGHLY recommend this as an outside activity in old clothes as the logs can hold a lot more dirt than you would expect and the brush does a fantastic job of splattering it everywhere!


you may have to change your water half way through

Allow them to dry outside, they may take a long time (overnight or longer) depending on the weather.


ready to come inside

Arrange however you like, I’ve changed it since this photo but that’s the beauty of it!


Flower Chain DIY

I was inspired by woodland wild flowers and decided to add my own splash of colour.

I bought 4 bunches of fake flowers in a cheap dollar store at Emu Plains (only $2 a bunch, bargain!) and some thick twine from an art store in Penrith which was also on sale, so this DIY is definitely in the under $10 category.

When buying your twine pay careful attention to how thick it is compared to the stems of you flower bunches otherwise you will have a very frustrating job trying to thread them on! I bought about 20m of twine but it all depends on how much space you leave between each flower. I got four different types of flowers.



To make your own flower chain, you must firstly either cut of pull off the stems of all the flowers leaving a thread-able hole.

leave enough stem to hold your flower together

Then, thread each flower onto the twine with desired spacing making sure to tie knots at the end and beginning of the chain as well as at the base of each flower to prevent it from moving.


Do this for all of the flowers. Below is how I spaced my flowers, the smaller the flower the smaller the space so that it doesn’t look sparse.



That’s it! All done. How easy was that?! I’ll give you an update of what they look when they’re hung up later.

p.s. try and keep each chain separate because they quickly become a tangled mess!!